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Does sugar make you fat?

Does sugar make you fat?

No single food or nutrient, whether carbohydrates, fats or proteins, is responsible for weight gain. Whatever their nature, all calories, when consumed in excess over a long period, cause weight gain.

Weight gain often results from a prolonged imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure: everything depends on how much you eat compared with how much energy you need.

A direct relationship between sugar consumption (excluding excess calorie consumption) and weight is not supported by recent studies.

Weight control means taking daily physical exercise, which uses up energy.

Sugars in our diets

According to the AFSSA, we should eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the following proportions: 45-50%, 30-40% and around 15% of daily energy intake respectively. There are no recommendations on the share of simple sugars as total carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates and proteins supply 4 kcal/g while fats provide 9 kcal/g and alcohol 7kcal/g.

And sweetened drinks?

Sweet drinks (fruit juices, sodas, fruit drinks, syrups, etc.) consumed in large quantities on a regular basis during or outside meal times canlead to over-consumption and weight gain.

A possible explanation is the fact that the body is less capable of registering an excess consumption of liquid calories.