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Refined sugar

Refined sugar

Refined or unrefined ? That is the question... White sugar, brown sugar, refined, unrefined? Sugar is clear about how refined and natural it is ! What is refined sugar ?

Sugar beet or cane

A single sugar extraction process in the plant:
In a sugar beet or cane factory, the syrup is collected, filtered, concentrated by evaporation then crystallised. The refinement stage does not take place. The sugar is unrefined.
One big difference between white and brown sugar:
Sugar from beets naturally comes out white from the extraction process whilst cane sugar crystallises and colours blond to brown. This is because of pigments present solely in cane.

Brown cane sugar becomes…white : refinement

To go white, brown cane sugar is re-melted and its colour is removed in a refinery: no chemical changes.
White cane sugar alone is refined sugar.

How do you choose ?

  • 92% of sugar sold in France is white beet sugar (unrefined).
  • Brown cane sugar accounts for 4% of sales.
  • White cane sugar (the only refined sugar) accounts for 4% of all sugar sold in France.
  • Beet sugar is unrefined
  • In France: 25 beet sugar factories, 5 cane sugar factories, 1 refinery.